Classroom Information

School Hours:  Breakfast begins at 7:55.  At this time students may enter the building to get breakfast or come to the classroom.  The bell rings at 8:15.  School begins at this time.  Please bring your children to school on time.  Tardy students miss important academic time, and disrupt the learning of others with their late arrival.  On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday school is dismissed at 3:30.  On Wednesdays it is dismissed at 1:30.  You may wait for your child at the steps in the front of the building.  I will bring them down there when we dismiss.  Please pick your child up on time!

Curriculum:  The kindergarten curriculum is very basic.  The year will be spent working on reading and writing skills, basic math skills, speaking and listening, and social skills.  Skills will be taught in both small and large groups, with many hands on meaningful activities. 

Math Standards Supplies:  Please consider donating the following supplies for your child and our classroom: pencils, glue sticks, crayons, erasers, scissors, tissues, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, pencil box, backpack and tennis shoes.

Special Classes:  The children will be leaving the classroom for special classes.    Please send your child to school with tennis shoes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and return library books on Wednesdays.  

Classroom Rules:  There are three rules everyone must follow while at Mockingbird Elementary.  They are:
                                        Respect Yourself

                                        Respect Others

                                        Respect Property
Your child is expected follow the school rules.  Severe or habitual breaking of rules will result in an office referral.  When your child misbehaves at school you will be contacted and expected to give appropriate support at home.

Backpacks:  Please send your child to school with their backpack everyday.  Please look through your child’s backpack everyday after school, taking out and reading any important papers/notes that may be inside.  If you send a note for me to school in your child’s backpack, please remind your child to give it to me.

Support Services:  If your child is in need of support services, I will be contacting you and a referral will be made.  Referrals and/or services are provided with the best interest for your child in mind.

Daily Folder
: Your child's daily folder (blue) will be sent home almost everyday.   You will see a calendar that shows where your child was on the track chart. There will occasionally be a note from me.  Feel free to leave me a note if you have a question or a comment.  Send the folder back to school every morning.

I & E:  This stands for Intervention & Enrichment.  This is done daily and is used to help those who may be struggling in certain academic areas.

Birthdays:   Children are welcome to bring a special treat to share with the class on their birthday.  Please limit birthday treats to a snack of some sort.   No cakes!  Additional parties must be scheduled outside of school time.  All treats must be store bought.

Library Checkout:  Your child will checkout a book from the library once a week. Please read your child’s library book to them.  Your child will not be allowed to check out a different book until they bring back the one they have.   Library checkout day is Thursday.

Homework:  All homework will be sent home in your child's blue folder.  It will typically be a copy of a book we read in class, or work that your child didn't get done in class.  Homework usually will not need to be turned in.

Please refer to the Mockingbird Elementary School Handbook for additional school policies.

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