Ms. Yost's Expectations

Our school has adopted a school-wide behavior program.  The rules of our school are:
Respect Yourself
Respect Others
Respect Property
Our behavior program centers around a track.  All students start their day on-track (yellow) and have the ability to move up the track (green) or to be a TRACK STAR (blue).  Students also have the ability to move down the track (orange) or way off track (red).  Each track star is rewarded with a positive consequence as each way off track student is given a negative consequence.  The nice thing about this behavior plan is that all students may make poor choices but are able to move back up the track when they turn themselves around.  Unfortunately, once a child is on red, they stay on red and contact is made with a parent.

HOMEWORK:  I do assign homework daily.  I believe homework (or homefun) is important as it teaches a child responsibility and allows parents to see what we are learning in school.  While I am not punitive if a student does not turn in their homework, I keep track of those who do and reward them at random times!  It is also important to know that homework is a great way to practice and show you what we have learned in school!  

Thank you for all of your support in making your children responsible and respectful children!  
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